Transport you can rely on

We undertake national and international transport of oil derivatives with a fleet of sixty semitrailer trucks fitted with pumps and digital meters. In collaboration with other transport companies, we operate a fleet of 90 vehicles designed for the carriage of oil and oil derivatives.

We use 20 new BARTEC PETRODAT 3003 fuel distribution systems with freight positioning and tracking capabilities, as well as a Sealed Parcel Delivery System (SPDS), for which we provide freight tracking access codes to our customers at their request.

We also carry JET-A1 fuel for jet aircraft from refineries and warehouses across Europe.

A team of sixty experienced drivers allows us to perform our transport services as soon as practicably possible.

Our fleet also includes two tarpaulin-covered semitrailer trucks for ADR transport, transport of nonhazardous waste (A), and transport of other types of freight.